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Welcome to RetroHub!

This website is intended to allow you to write content and engage with the Internet on computers that cannot handle the modern Web. It is as simple as possible, built with plain HTML, no CSS or JavaScript involved! This makes the site accessible and usable from vintage computers and ancient web browsers, so get out that old 486 and make it useful again!

Note: this is in a highly alpha stage! Feel free to make an account and post; only mind the mess while everything is in testing and development.

The internet didn't even exist until almost a decade after this IBM PC/AT was made, but you can use this website on it nonetheless!

The goal of this site is to be so lightweight, it'll work almost anywhere. Your toaster, smart fridge, ancient laptop from 1992, or anything else. And there's no Google Analytics to slow your browser to a crawl and gather information about you, either!

No broadband? No problem!

You don't need a crazy fast internet connection to load THIS website! Just plug that phone cable into your dial-up modem, and you're good to go!

Talk on IRC!

The FreeNode IRC server is a great place to talk all things retrocomputing! Try the #win31 or #dosbox channels to start off.
Use your favorite IRC client to connect to the server at on port 6667.

This website is a hobbyist project. "RetroHub" takes no responsibility for any of the user-generated content herein. No guarantee is made regarding the quality of service this website may provide, the longevity with which it may be provided, or the continued storage of any user-generated content on this website. Any posts here are made "at your own risk", with the understanding that "RetroHub" is not run by a real business that can actually afford to keep the lights on, and relies on free versions of popular internet hosting services to survive.